May 18 – World AIDS Vaccine Day

May 18 - World AIDS Vaccine Day
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History of World AIDS Vaccination Day 2023:

World AIDS Vaccine Day was observed for the first time on May 18 1998, globally. In his commencement address at Morgan State University in 1997, then-President Bill Clinton stressed the need of vaccination in the fight against HIV, which served as the impetus for the creation of the day.

Since then, the day has been commemorated on a global scale to spread AIDS education, stimulate research, and inform the public about prophylactic measures. The day honours the anniversary of Clinton’s speech, which ignited global efforts to develop vaccines.

COVID-19 Effect On AIDS / HIV

According to a study that was released in 2022 on the National Library of Medicine website, the COVID-19 pandemic caused major drops in the use of HIV-related services across important communities in India. According to the study, in April 2020, the proportion of patients getting HIV tests fell to 13% of pre-pandemic levels.

Even WHO noted that seventy-three nations have issued warnings that the COVID-19 pandemic may cause them to run out of antiretroviral (ARV) medications. According to the WHO, among the reasons for the service disruptions included suppliers’ failure to supply ARVs on time, the suspension of land and air transportation services, and the pandemic’s impact on countries’ ability to access health services.

AIDS Treatment and Vaccination

HIV cannot be cured, however antiretroviral medication (ART) can help slow the virus’s growth. This emphasises the value of prevention, which includes educating the public, engaging in safe sexual behaviour, preventing needle sharing, and early risk assessment. Immune system stimulation is how vaccines help the body fight against infection. The creation of a secure and efficient vaccine will go a long way towards preventing HIV infection.

There isn’t an HIV vaccine that has been approved as of yet, but substantial research is being done. By reducing transmission, a vaccine that is only partially effective can aid in containing the pandemic. However, the virus’s rapid genetic mutation, antibodies’ ineffectiveness against the virus, and the possibility of viral reproduction provide significant obstacles to the development of vaccines.


Who created AIDS day?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) founded World AIDS Day on December 1 in 1988 to promote information sharing between local and national authorities, international organisations, and private citizens.

Which day is celebrated as World AIDS Vaccine Day?

World AIDS Vaccine Day 2023: May 18 is celebrated as World AIDS Vaccine Day every year. This day is also known as HIV Vaccine Knowledge Day.

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